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Custody Battles: South Park Land to be Annexed

Two small areas of unincorporated land in South Park are being fought over by the city of Seattle and the city of Tukwila. While the original plan was that the "Duwamish Triangle" and the "sliver by the river" would be annexed to Seattle, the South Park News reports that a few nameless property owners of the Duwamish Triangle began grumbling and started a land coup of sorts to make sure that the land would be annexed to Tukwila. Why this land has proven to be such a point of contention for the two cities is hard to say, but Tukwila is doing its best to outsmart its more glamorous big northern brother, as the aforementioned property owners amassed signatures for a petition that represented and totaled at 60 percent of the property owners in the area.

While Tukwila seems to have a gained an edge, City Council President, Sally Clark states, "It would be my preference, personally, that the City of Seattle annex both areas. There are both service provisions and fiscal reasons that this makes great sense."

· Tukwila annexing the Triangle? South Park Neighborhood Association and city will tell Boundary Review Board 'no' [SPN]