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Eliminating Parking to Put Parklets on Capitol Hill

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Finding parking on Capitol Hill can sometimes be nightmarish, making public transportation appear to be a godsend and its passengers as possessing some kind of genius quality. But now that folks are becoming interested in developing parklets, parking on Cap Hill could turn into even more of a gas-burning, hair-pulling, expletive-inducing hell with no definite or incredibly pricey end. Although cities like New York and San Francisco have already adopted and popularized the parklet, business owners in Seattle are still wary of eliminating what little, valuable parking they can offer patrons. Capitol Hill Seattle states that Dave Meinert of Big Marios on E Pike, for example, is "not pushing for a parklet right now." But now that the seed has been planted, expect some residents and perhaps even business owners to generate more excitement over this kind of redefinition of using public space.

· Trading parking for public space, parklets coming to Capitol Hill -- if you want them [CHS]