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All Clear on the Greenwood Front

This dispatch just in from SDOT, according to our friends at PhinneyWood: the eastbound detours on N. 85th Street have been removed, so there's no more need to maneuver over to N. 80th. Same goes for Metro's 5 and the 82: clear sailing.

SDOT crews will remove the temporary traffic and parking changes on 80th and will restripe the roadway for two westbound lanes and one eastbound lane. The left-turn restriction onto Aurora Avenue North also will be removed. This was all originally supposed to happen this weekend, but the weather forecast (rain! wimps!!) is delaying it until the work until weekend of the 20th.
· Eastbound detours on North 85th Street are history [PhinneyWood]
· Eastbound lanes are now open N 85th St! []