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Time to Play "Name that Street!"

The City of Bellevue is plumb out of ideas and needs your help. [Insert your own snarky comment about brain-dead suburbs.]

Here's why: that no-man's land between Bel-Red Road and Northup Way is getting a makeover, from its historic light-industrial wasteland to a shiny new life as a "transit-oriented development" complete with housing, shopping and commerce. To go along with all that, the city wants to do away with traditional numbered streets (like NE 16th, and so on).

Nothing too topical (like Wisteria Lane) or obviously political (Kemper Freeman Avenue), but they would also like a "grand boulevard." Five names in all, and you can go online to submit your suggestions.

Says the city: "Giving the area a sense of place was one of the goals of the planning effort that resulted in sweeping changes to the land use code in 2009, which set the stage for the new development. By 2030, with new EastLink light rail stations as anchors, the Bel Red is expected to be a vibrant, walkable neighborhood with parks, open spaces, streams and an arts district.

Your entries, according to the application form, can be based on the area's industrial past or recall its natural, agricultural and ethnic heritage. "Suggested names may also refer to neighborhood landmarks and events, as well as something about the area's future." Hmm. Kemper Freeman Boulevard doesn't sound so bad after all.
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