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Island Living, Powered by the Sun

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Here's your chance to get away from it all. Really get away. As in completely unplugged.

On Bainbridge Island, the largest planned solar-ready community in Washington has completed its first three "Net Zero" model homes, and they're open for tours. Formally known as Grow Commuity (that's even the name of the street), it's an eight-acre, pedestrian-oriented, energy-efficient, multigenerational neighborhood.

Grow Community will eventually feature 50 single-family homes and 81 rental apartments in small clusters of buildings (dubbed "micro-neighbordhoods") centered around shared green spaces and community gardens. The entire development will be connected by a network of walking and biking trails.

Open House every Thursday afternoon, some weekends, and by appointment.

The full story, complete with links to the various architects involved, at the quaintly named website.