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Coming to Capitol Hill

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Look for a brilliant new residential project from Chris Pardo's Elemental Architecture to take shape later this year at the light rail station that's under construciton at Broadway and John.

The tower part kinda looks like a Rubik's Cube shaking its booty, doesn't it? It's in the design review phase right now, with Seattle LGBT Community Development as the sponsor.

Seems only fair to have Maestro Pardo explain what this is all about, right? Here's his email to Curbed:

The project is the vision of the Seattle LGBT Community Development Group, their proposal includes a boutique hotel (Ace Hotel or similar), an LGBT community center and office spaces for non-profits and other neighborhood organizations. Other buildings will include a gymnasium, artist lofts, senior housing (and related facilities), LGBT childcare facility, housing, a LGBT cultural history museum and aids memorial. Classroom facilities as well as an auditorium will also be incorporated. Street level retail in all buildings will activate Broadway as well as the center courtyard which will be the permanent home of the farmers market. The oval shape speaks to the landscape architecture of Cal Anderson park while connecting the uses of the space.