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Pahk Ya Caw At South Lake Hawbah: Northeastern U Opening Seattle Branch

You have to wonder, would Amazon have been so gung ho to purchase its South Lake Union headquarters if it knew a bunch of rowdy, Boston college kids were moving in next door?

That may be overstating it, but Boston-based Northeastern University will in fact open up a branch in South Lake Union neighborhood in January across the street from Amazon (401 Terry Avenue North).

Q: Huh?
A: According to Northeastern President Joseph Aoun, Seattle's "vibrant" industries and urban
center make a great place for their students to mix, mingle and learn.

Q: What will they teach?
A: Graduate studies and doctoral programs, both offline and online. Perfect for the many Seattle-based employees with bachelor's degrees who want to further their education and keep up.

Q: UW can't be too pleased with this, can they?
A: Probably not, but, for the record, Washington is ranked higher and still costs less to attend.

Q: Does this mean we have to start rooting for Boston sports teams?
A: Did you even really need to ask that question?
· Amazon to Buy its Headquarters from Vulcan for $1.16 Billion [~CSEA~]
· Northeastern U's Seattle branch to open in Jan. near Amazon [Seattle Times]
Sean Keeley