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Showdown: Loyal Heights Homes Offer More Treats Than Tricks

According to Zillow, Seattle is the No. 4 city in America for trick or treating and, within Seattle, Loyal Heights is the best neighborhood to hit up for candy on Halloween (followed by Phinney Ridge & Wallingford). It's a little last minute but in case you've got a lot of goodies sitting around and want to move to the Loyal Heights area to unload them ASAP, here are two places on the market in the $400,000 range to choose from.

In this corner, a cute and classic 1942 Ballard 2 bedroom home. It welcomes you with a toasty fireplace in the living room, giving way to a sizable kitchen and some old-world charming features like a built-in ironing board cabinet. With 1,800 square feet and an attached garage, you get good space for the money (asking $400,000). Plus, the fenced-in backyard and driveway "chute" could make for an awesome haunted "forest" for trick or treaters.

In the other corner, we have this two-story, 3-BR charmer built in 1901. Technically, at 63rd St., it falls just outside the unofficial Loyal Heights border, but let's not quibble. Upstairs you'll find two sizable bedrooms plus office/nursery with landing, depending on your current (or future) life. Downstairs you'll find a huge, unfinished basement just crying out to be converted into a Halloween Tomb of Terrors, though I suppose a home gym would work as well. It's yours for $415,000 (plus roughly $3,500 in taxes).

So, will it be the Loyal Heights Backyard of Doom or the Just Outside Loyal Heights Basement of Terrors? Which Halloween haven wins?
· 7747 20th Ave Nw, Seattle, WA 98117 [Windmere]
· Nw 63 Rd St, Seattle, WA 98107 [Windmere]
Sean Keeley