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How Would You Like To Live In Seattle's Real-Life 'Up' House?

It may not come with a curmudgeonly old man, chubby Boy Scout or talking dog, but you might just have your chance to live the 'Up' lifestyle here in Seattle very soon.

You may remember back in 2005 when developers of the Ballard Blocks offered Edith Macefield $1 million for her home so they could incorporate the space into their state-of-the-art commercial complex. She refused, they built around here, and she continued to live there until her death in 2008.

The story made national headlines and Disney even used the house for publicity to
promote "Up," which featured an extremely-similar storyline.

Reach Returns purchased the house in 2009 and announced plans to preserve it, but also elevate it to the height of surrounding commercial buildings. MyBallard is reporting that those renovations are now underway and the developers are planning to have the house open to rent by Spring 2013.

The house itself will sleep six thanks to a refurbished attic space and include some energy-efficient changes. Otherwise, it will maintain the same look and feel as it did when Edith owned it, albeit with one major change.

That major change will be two-story complex that the house will now rest on top of. That portion, called "Credo Square," will feature flowing water, live plants and tiles that can be purchased and marked with a person's name and credo. That portion is expected to need 2-3 years to complete.
· Renovations underway on Edith Macefield's house [My Ballard]
Sean Keeley