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You Bitch and Complain, City's Transportation Dept Answers

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A woman named Margaret Kitchell was going to be driving on 14th Avenue South in the area of the First Hill streetcar construction. The street had been closed before because of the work, so she checked the project's website. There was nothing about it still being closed. Sure enough, it was closed when she got there.
The city's transportation department has an ongoing blog where they answer questions like these. One of the people who posed a question on the site last week was Kitchell. And she wanted to know what gives.

City transportation spokeswoman Peg Nielsen, who has the task of answering questions like these, said the closure of 14th had been on the streetcar website to let people know it was coming. But now that the street has been closed permanently, it's not on the site. There are still detour signs, though.

Another question came from someone named Tristan, who wondered what these triangular islands are in Wedgwood and View Ridge. Nielsen said they're part of the city's Greenways Projects for streets designated for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. This Greenway stretches from the Burke-Gilman Trail to NE 80th Street. Nielsen said the medians make it easier for pedestrians and bicyclists to cross busier streets along the route.

Kery Murakami

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