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Rainier Beach Condo Pre-Prepped for Estate Sale

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The best (read: most enjoyment derived from gawking) estate sales are ones that have rooms bursting with an array of knick-knacks and trinkets that have been put on display what may seem like complete haphazardness to the casual onlooker. If viewing this kind of home is cause of some delight, prospective buyers can revel in this 2-bed, 1-bath doozie in the Rainier Beach area. The previous owner was certainly one with hoarding issues many interests, as the goods that litter the home range from an old slot machine to what appears to be indigenous statue knock offs to winged butterfly creature figurines. One can only hope that all these treasures are to be left behind for the next buyer... Price tag: $197,000 plus $456/month in HOA dues.

· Listing: 9500 Rainier Ave S #608 [Redfin]
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