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Happy Trolloween, Crazy Kids!

Today may be Halloween in the peripheries of the universe. But in the Center of the Universe (also known as Fremont), it's also Trolloween, the annual birthday party for the iconic troll who lives under the Aurora Bridge.

Like every year, hundreds of performers and partiers will be gathering at the troll at 7 p.m. and marching around the neighborhood. These photos from the Fremont Arts Council website give an idea of what it's like. According to a history of the troll by the Fremont Chamber of Commerce, 22 years ago a team of artists calling themselves the Jersey Devils and led by sculptor Steve Badanes, was picked put up the troll sculpture. The Arts Council had wanted to do something more imaginative with the space under the Aurora Bridge.
According to the chamber, a national competition was organized to select the best ideas. Five finalists were commissioned to create models for the community to vote on at the Fremont Fair. The troll was the overwhelming favorite.

According to the Seattle transportation department, tonight's parade will start at the Fremont Troll at N 36th Street and Troll Avenue N; moving west on 36th to Evanston Avenue N; south on Evanston to a private street; east on a private street to the Fremont Bridge.

Streets will be closed from approximately 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.: N 36th Street adjacent to the Troll between Linden Avenue N and Whitman Avenue N. Seattle Police will escort the procession.
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Kery Murakami