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Beachfront Cabana Built for "Playful Entertaining"

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There's no doubt that this spot out in Laurelhurst has some pizzazz to it. But just because this window-happy, well-lit home has 6,617 sq. ft. of space in which friends and neighbors can come over to frolic, we find it presumptuous on the listing agent's part to assume that the future owners will be the mischievous kind prone to jump at the "abundant opportunity for playful entertaining." Or perhaps the listing agent was just being literal, as the beachfront cabana that is feet away from Lake Washington shows that it may come with a giant ping pong table. But if someone is willing to shell out $4.1 million to buy the place up, we suppose he's allowed to entertain in whatever fashion he sees fit.

· Listing: 3124 E Laurelhurst Dr NE [Estately]