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Can I Get a Hot Tub?! Sure, Here are Five to Choose from

Thanks to the half tropical tendencies of global warming, Seattle is experiencing some (delightfully) unseasonably warm weather. While that may be the case, the occasional blast of wind followed shortly thereafter with a face full of fallen leaves reminds us that fall is most certainly upon us. But that doesn't mean we still can't literally enjoy soaking in the outdoors. As such, here are some listings that sport backyard hot tubs to allow any Seattleite cozy up and pretend that the summer isn't over.

· 2149 38th Ave E -- Madison Park -- 3-bed, 2,290 sq. ft., $1.695 million
· 10916 80th Pl NE -- Kirkland -- 3-bed, 2,110 sq. ft., $699,000
· 2345 W Viewmont Wy -- Magnolia -- 4-bed, 3,550 sq. ft., $1.495 million
· 461 140th Ave NE -- Bellevue -- 4-bed, 3,150 sq. ft., $1.2 million
· 11706 Lakeside Ave NE -- Cedar Park -- 3-bed, 2,000 sq. ft., $789,000