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Movie Series Captures Spirit of Neighborhoods

Some movies capture the images and spirit of Seattle at a certain time. Singles and Hype are a couple that come to mind during the Grunge era. On the city's Department of Neighborhoods site are a few short films made as part of an amateur film series called A Story Runs Through It which tell tales about Seattle's neighborhoods and communities. In the Seattle at this time, there's resentment about the Sonics move to Oklahoma City, expressed in a black-and-white video letter to Clay Bennett, owner of the Oklahoma Thunder.

"Take the team, we'll take the city," the film concludes.

The Seattle during the recession is a place where a culinary students slings hash and makes the legendary 12-egg omlette during the night shift at Beth's Diner. It's a place where people find community in a Wedgwood P-Patch, and a Duwamish teen sadly looks at the now industrialized Duwamish River his people had once lived. And in this dog-loving city, My Neighborhood Story takes us through the new off-leash area by Four Pillars Park on Capitol Hill at a time when dog runs were popping up all over Seattle. The winners can be viewed here.
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Kery Murakami