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Downtown Seattle Gets An Icebreaker, Some Hardware Too

If there's anything Downtown Seattlites say, it's "We need more outdoor clothing stores as well as a hardware store." Okay maybe they don't always say that, but guess what, they're getting them anyway. Outdoor clothing retailer Icebreaker and national fixer-upper chain Ace Hardware will be opening locations in the area by early 2013.

New Zealand's Icebreaker is opening a 1,500 square-foot TouchLab store at 1429 Fifth Ave. at Pike Street. The retailer features clothing made from merino sheep wool, which they say is breathable, non-itch, and non-stink (stop wearing so much stinky clothing, everyone!). It's the ninth TouchLab store they'll have opened in the U.S., including one in Portland, their domestic HQ.

Once you've got your warm, wool clothing on, it's time to do some dirty work. You're going to need tools for that and you'll now be able to pick up said tools at the new Ace Hardware opening at 1904 Fourth Ave. in early 2013. They'll be right next door to Bed, Bath & Beyond, making your downtown trip for home supplies that much simpler.

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