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How To Fit Four Rooms Into A Cottage Under 400 SF

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Changes to the Seattle land code back in January made it possible for Seattle residents to begin building cottages in their backyard. Thanks to backyard cottage and tiny home builders like Microhouse and Molecule, those cottages have started to pop up behind Seattle's homes. OregonLive put the focus on tiny residences popping up all over the Northwest and found this charming 16ft x 24ft cottage in a Wallingford backyard that's worth a look.

You might think it's impossible to fit a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom into 384 sq. feet and yet, here we are. Lead designer Bruce Parker says he used the placement of windows and vaulted ceilings to maximize the space. The cottage even includes accessories for mobility impairment such as grab bars for its current tenant, a great-grandmother now living in her daughter's backyard.

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