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Is This Uber-Contemporary Home A 'Tour De Force?'

You've got to have chutzpah to put up a home listing with phrases like "uber contemporary" and "tour de force" in it. The Zillow listing for this 3-BR, 1.75 bath Eastlake home pulls it off and, by the looks of things, actually manages to make it work.

So what do you get for your $1.6M? A West Slope location that somehow provides a little privacy despite being in the middle of Seattle. You get a classic view of South Lake Union and all the landmarks that surround it. (Described in the listing as a "capricious tableau of mountains, water, sun, moon and stars." Well then.) Champions of modernity will appreciate the sleek interior setup that pervades the kitchen, bathroom, living room and that really cool "perch" that lets everyone sit together to eat while admiring the view. Tour de force, indeed.
· 812 E. Blaine St. [Zillow]