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Vulcan Looking To Build Behemoth Towers in South Lake Union

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Every day it seems like we're talking about aggression expansion and it's impact on South Lake Union. Well if a proposed plan involving Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and Paul Allen's Vulcan, Inc. is approved, you ain't seen nothing yet. The Seattle Times has the details on a plan that would allow for buildings up to 400 feet tall and bring three 24-story towers to the southern shore of Lake Union.

It's a case of "you give us what we want and we'll give you what you need."

Vulcan wants to build taller buildings in South Lake Union. Currently they're limited by a 160 feet limit in the region. Under this plan, the areas in question, which are currently owned by Vulcan and The Seattle Times Co., would be rezoned for building up to 400 feet tall. Right now, the Amazon buildings are the tallest in the zone at 160 feet.

For the benefit of all that extra room, Vulcan will let the city use 37,600 square feet of undeveloped land on the block of land in between Broad and Republican streets and Dexter and Aurora avenues. That's a valuable piece of land that the city can use to create much-needed public benefit services and affordable apartments. Vulcan's kindness will be re-payed in a $10-12 million credit the company can apply to the creation of those three aforementioned towers near Lake Union.

The Seattle City Council said they haven't made up their mind of the plans but expect to make a decision next month. If you currently work in South Lake Union and have a nice view of the lake, savor it while it lasts.

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