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A Capitol Hill Home For The Serious Silver Lover

The framed image of Muhammad Ali boxing underwater might not come with this 2-BR, 2.5 bath home built by Tom Kundig, but like "The Greatest," the chiseled exterior hides an interior rife with natural intrigue, warmth and curiosity.

Whether it's the artisan steel accents and furniture or the natural surfaces on the walls and floors, you won't ever have to look far to find some silver surfaces inside this 3,170 sq. ft. space. If anyone wants to point out what that giant cabinet with the giant handle has been converted from, let us know. Otherwise, go lounge in the pool or get to tending that garden over in the corner of the deck, trying to grow $2,175,000 to pay for this place.
· 1067 E Blaine St. [Estately]