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Sound The Ding Dong: Hostess To Shut Down Seattle Operations

We told you earlier in the week that due to an ongoing strike by employees, Hostess announced they would be shutting down their Seattle factory in South Lake Union, putting roughly 250 employees out of a job. Today the Twinkies makers took it a step further and shut down operations altogether.

While there are a lot of questions for the future of Hostess, it's employees and it's many iconic snack foods, many local developers are turning their eyes to the half-block property on Republican Street between Aurora and Dexter avenues north that is in prime location to the next generic apartment/retail complex to come to the area.

PSBJ spoke with Hostess, who said their goal is to sell the property to another bakery, but of course that doesn't mean too much with so many hungry property investors out there. Especially when you factor in the upcoming re-zoning discussion, which could allow for a 240 feet tall building on the bakery site.
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