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Zombie Apocalypse? This West Seattle House Can Take It

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If you tell us that you've never taken a moment to think about whether or not your home is adequately-prepared for a zombie uprising, then we will say you are a liar. So when we see a real estate listing that includes the sentence, "bring on the zombie apocalypse, survive in style here," you've got our attention.

So what, exactly, makes this eclectic 1918 Arts and Crafts Movement home so zombie-proof? Full of recent upgrades in order to make the house more "green," including a new 40-year roof, the house comes prepared with a pre-wired backup generator, two EPA certified wood burning stoves and a composting toilet. If the power goes down, you'll be ready.

Post-zombie apocalypse life won't be all misery. You'll have the European master suite with adjoining "spa" bath and hammered copper soaking tub to help drown out the moans of the undead outside.

Consider this 2-BR home a $285K investment in your future, post-apocalyptic or otherwise.
· 4825 26th Ave SW [Estately]