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All Aboard At The Upcoming Centralia Station

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Back in the day, stagecoaches on their way from the Columbia River to Seattle would stop at a halfway point, aptly dubbed Centralia. Over the years, the sparsely-populated Lewis County town has seen the railroad and coal mining define its industry. Today, Port of Centralia officials announced new plans to build a multi-use project off Interstate 5 that will bring new retail and office space to the town as well as promote the region's rich history.

Dubbed "Centralia Station," the project will include major retailers; community college facilities, retail spaces for local small businesses, office spaces, medical facilities; restaurants, warehouse space and sports fields.

Centralia's rich railroad history will be a theme that runs through the project and connects all of the different parts. Historical railroad photographs and heirlooms will dot the complex. Officials are hoping the project will act as a one-stop shopping destination for locals as well as tourists.

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