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Are These People The Saviors Of Pioneer Square?

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While South Lake Union has been remade and there are many plans for SoDo to be reborn, Pioneer Square has always seemed like a Seattle neighborhood with a lot of potential but not much follow through. Chef Matt Dillon wants to help kickstart the next phase in Pioneer Square's seemingly never-end revitalization as one of a handful of merchants and business owners who hope that their incoming shops will mark the beginning of a new era in Seattle's first neighborhood.

The new businesses ushering in the latest revival of Pioneer Square include:

Bar Sajor, Dillon's latest restaurant, which will open in December on Occidental Avenue South between South Main and Jackson streets.

The old Bank of America on Occidental's northwest side will now be London Plane, a bakery that will supply Dillon's restaurant as well as walk-in customers. The bakery is owned by Marigold and Mint's Katherine Anderson.

Over on the southeast corner of Occidental will be Indigene, a gallery/bookstore/meeting space also owned by Anderson.

Finally, a butcher shop will open on the east side of Occidental courtesy of Rain Shadow Meats' Russell Flint in February.

Between these new additions and the impending demolition of the Viaduct, there is a lot of talk about new real estate going up all around Pioneer Square. Those getting in now might just be the early adopters on this neighborhood's latest rise from the ashes.
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