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Every Good Home Deserves Its Own Hair Salon

Getting a haircut can be such a hassle. Why are the best hair salons always so far away? Don't you just wish you could go downstairs, hop into a salon chair that's just waiting for you anytime you want without having to worry about appointments or rude receptionists? If so, one of these three houses might just be perfect for you.

Address: 1418 Market St., Kirkland, WA
Price: $1,595,000
Specs: This place certainly earns its price tag, with a luxurious 2-BR residence that includes a master retreat, 2nd ensuite bedroom, office and patio. And when it's time for a haircut, head on downstairs to the fancy salon for your usual.

Address: 1491 Huckleberry Circle, Issaquah, WA
Price: $249,900
Specs: Want that downstairs salon but don't need the hassle of operating it? Then buy this 3-BR, 3 bath condo with an established salon on the first floor already. It's your space but the current tenants want to stay. When you're not getting a Brazilian Blowout, relax by the gas fireplace or entertain on your massive deck.

Address: 1412 NE 123rd St., Seattle, WA
Price: $199,000
Specs: For the frugal homeowner who still needs a space for serious trimming and shaving, there's this studio + salon space. This unique 800 sq. foot space has a lot of potential whether you have your own business or just want to feel special while your friends cut your hair.