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Have Your Way With Haddaway Hall For $5.4 Million

Considered one of the most historic properties in the Pacific Northwest, Haddaway Hall, a.k.a. Weyerhaeuser Mansion, hit the market back in January at a cool $6.4 million. This week, the price dropped off one of those millions, now listed at $5.4M. Does that price difference do anything for you?

Commissioned by timber baron John Weyerhaeuser and wife Anna in 1923, the home was designed by the Cornell Brothers while the landscaping done by Olmsted Brothers, who also landscaped a little thing called Central Park in NYC.

So what do you get for your $5.4M? Well you get more than just the 11-BR, 8-bath mansion. You also get the carriage house, chapel, educational building, servant's quarters and a greenhouse located on the six acre property. Inside the the 52-room, 15,600-square-foot residence, you'll find the usuals such as a fancy dining room and library as well as some unusual features like secret passageways and stairwells.

The property spent the last thirty years as a Baptist seminary. And if you're wondering where the name "Haddaway" comes from, remember that Weyerhaeuser commissioned the house with his wife, who "had her way" with it.
· 4501 N Stevens St, Tacoma, WA [Redfin]