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Capitol Hill Loft-Off: Which Loft Looks Loftier?

We present to you two lofts inside this trendy complex at 1310 E Union St in Capitol Hill. One is a little bigger but costs a bit more. The other might not have everything the first one has but comes in a bit cheaper. It's up to you to decide which one you'd go for if you had $850,000 sitting around.

Apartment: 402
Sq. Footage: 1,702
Price: $862,800
Story: Three words...garage door windows. Okay, we'll add some more words. You want wide open space in an urban environment? You've found it. This 2-BR spot is all about industrial design, with its exposed steel beams and stainless steel appliances. And yes, those really are glass garage door windows that show off a killer view of the neighborhood.

Apartment: 301
Sq. Footage: 1,123
Price: $825,000
Story: We lose 600 sq. feet and a we're one level down, but don't make your choice just yet. Whereas the previous place sampled modernity, this space favors comfortable choices such as walnut wood built-ins and a paneled "maple" bed box. You'll still get the stainless steel kitchen gear and high ceilings. It's city living with a warm touch (and a bit cheaper, to boot).

So, which loft reaches your lofty expectations?