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Get All The Views From This Laurelhurst Perch On Lake Washington

How many views will get if you purchase this 6-BR waterfront residence currently up for $4.1 million? All the views, that's how many.

The main house sits 65 feet high above Lake Washington on Laurelhurst Drive, looking out on the lake, Mount Rainier and the Cascades (like I said, ALL the views).

Inside, you've got your choice of grand formals and a cook's kitchen from which to create meals to serve in them. And when the meal is done, relax in the massive home theater with a tasty bottle from your wine cellar.

I did mention that this was all going on in the main house, right? That's because the winding staircase outside takes you down to your very own beachfront cabana. If you need to work up a sweat, stop halfway down and shoot some night-time hoops/volleyball on your very own cement court. Whoever shoots/hits the ball into Lake Washington has to go get it. That's the rules.
· 3124 E Laurelhurst Dr NE [Zillow]