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SoDo Arena Conceptual Designs Released To Public

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As promised, Seattle has released the early design guidance for Chris Hansen's SoDo sports arena as well as conceptual drawings on how it might look and how it might blend in with the rest of the neighborhood.

The report includes three options, complete with concepts and their impact on the surrounding buildings, traffic and more.

Design 1 is "an iconic, transparent building that maximizes open plaza space along first avenue, Massachusetts and Holgate."

Design 2 is intended as more of a "cost effective building that maximizes function, architectural footprint and street frontage. the plaza is a street level and all vertical movement to concourse is located on the buildings interior. this option blends well with its surroundings."

Design 3, the preferred design, features a "front porch" to downtown and seeks to "create balanced approach of solid and transparent massings to frame views of seattle's landmarks."

According to the release, "the project vision is to create an arena that reinforces linkages to downtown and invigorates its surroundings by reinforcing the existing city fabric and providing a destination, gathering place, and becoming a vital contributor to seattle's vibrant culture."

You can view the entire proposal along with more images here (PDF).