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Washington Legalizes Marijuana. Where Will Dispensaries Live?

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During yesterday's election, Washington made history by becoming the the second state, behind Colorado, to legalize recreational use of marijuana. Now, there are important questions to be considered, one of which we would like to cover right here on Curbed Seattle: where should the dispensaries go, and what will their silly names be? Some options include:

1) A space in SoDo. Over at 2962 1st Ave S lives this nondescript commercial space. A potential name here could be SoDooby. Yeah, it sucks, but Denver has a Mr. Stinky's, so it could work.

2) Fisherman's Terminal at West Coast Marine. This 18,929 SF space right off of Salmon Bay at 2122 W Elmore Street could make a great dispensary. This place also goes for $0.70/SF, not too shabby. But what could be a good name... Perhaps a riff on the bay... or "HerbaLifestyles." Leave suggestions in the comments.

3) This industrial space is available for just $16/SF/year. Bonus, there's a parking lot. Possible names: Dr. Ick's, J's Place.

Suggestions for other locations can be left in the comments, or building shots sent to the tipline.
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