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Adventure. Excitement. A South Lake Union Resident Craves Not These Things

Of many, many, many, many apartment complexes coming to the South Lake Union area, True North (801 Dexter Ave.) is trying to differentiate itself by positioning itself as your home for adventure. No, seriously.

Here's what the "outdoor lifestyle apartments" says on their website (which, when extrapolated, reads True North South Lake Union Dot Com):

True North is the ultimate base camp for your adventures. Ever lived somewhere with heated gear lockers, space to air out your tent and a climbing wall? Get ready. If that climbing wall isn't how you have to get your mail, we'll be disappointed. The adventure-speak doesn't stop there...

Like untracked powder in the mountains, these homes are brand new. The apartments at True North are sized from "daypack" (studio) to "expedition" (two-bedroom).

"Hey, would you like to come back to my daypack for some freeze-dried meat? It's only a two block hike from here."

Over on their Facebook page, they're looking for input from you about what kind of finishing touches you'd like to see on True North. Want to replace the stairwells with rock climbing walls? Should there be a vending machine stocked with Diet Mountain Dew in the lobby? Would you like to see a glass cycleway stretch from the roof of the building directly to REI? Let them know.

It's preferred that you make at least $54,000/year if you're going to take the survey, because, you know, adventure ain't cheap.