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Mercer Island Mega-Mansion Finally Sells For $13.2 Million

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All the way back in April 2011 we wrote about the mansion at 4137 Boulevard Place on Mercer Island, which had already been on the market for a few months at that point. The house, listed then at $28.8M, has finally sold for less than half of that, $13.2M. Still, that's a pretty penny to spend on a shack.

Jay Deutsch, founder of Woodinville-based Bensussen Deutsch and Associates Inc., is the lucky new owner. He closed on the home just before Thanksgiving. Originally built in 2010 by David and Becky Sandwith, this 14,000-square-foot waterfront home was never lived in and allegedly more than $32M was put into the six years it took to build it.

Designed by Gelotte Hommas, the mansion is a mix of classical, modern, and Grecian influences. Inside, Duetsch and his family will spread out amongst the 7 bedrooms and 12 baths. The kids can also hang out in the movie theater with "interactive" seats that vibrate and move. Mom and Dad can keep an eye on them from the "security room," a 12-foot long room where all of the security, environmental and outdoor features are controlled.

The kids will have plenty of space to play in the 160 feet of private waterfront with a boat moorage built to hold a 30-foot speed boat, 75-foot yacht and two jet skis, though we suppose the parents will want to be there if they take the speed boat out for a spin.

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