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Dwell On The New Columbia City 'Micro-Community' Block42

A push towards micro-communities, or the cooler-if-not-slightly-pretentious-sounding micromunities, has been gaining steam in various places as some people continue to strengthen the meaning of words like local, sustainability and efficiency. Dwell @ Columbia Station is a community envisioned to take up those ideals and encourage their homeowners to live a sustainable lifestyle. Block42 is the latest development of this project and several of the homes there went on market this week for pre-sale.

Block42 homes are designed to be energy efficient, 5-Star Built Green certified and provide 1,500 to 2,000 sq. feet.

The largest listing (3-BR, 3.5 bath) is also the most expensive, listed at $499.950. From the photos can see everything is bright, modern and clean in its architecture and design.
· 4455 Renton Ave. S, Seattle, WA [Estately]

The 3-BR, 2.5 bath version covers 1,900 sq. feet and lists for $479,950. Not too much of a difference from the previous model, in fact you're only talking about 59 less square feet. You can tell from the pictures here how the space is wide open, separated less by walls and more by a giant wooden feature in the middle.
· 4457 Renton Ave., Seattle, WA [Estately]

Finally, we come to the "economy" model. The 2-BR, 2-bath version contains 1,500 sq. feet and lists for $475,000. What you lose in space you make up for in "optimum window placement" to take advantage of excellent southern exposure. You also get a wide open kitchen space to enjoy that light in.
· 4459 Renton Ave., Seattle, WA [Estately]