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House Hunters Features Seattle Couple's Condo-House Dilemma

When Mark and Ashley Michael aren't running the Seattle Cook blog, they're cooking up plans for their new home. In their search for their first home as a married couple, they faced the dilemma that so many of us face...should we condo it or should we house it? Driving their search is the need to find a place that can fit their 90-inch long dining table. Their search was documented by camera crews and will be featured on HGTV's House Hunters tonight, December 11 at 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m. PT.

On the program, real estate professional Ashley Hayes shows them three properties. Let's check them out and decide for ourselves which way we would go if we were them.

? First up is this brightly-colored Queen Anne 3-BR, 2 bath listed at $485K. With 1,900 square feet, there's a lot of open room to work with, not to mention plenty of room for that dining table. Pretty sweet view as well.

? Next up, we go to the heart of Belltown for this 2-Br condo in The Bellora listed at $369,000. The third-level northeast corner unit gives up views while also driving home the city lifestyle. The big question is...where would the table go?

? Finally, we stay downtown with this 910 square-foot 1-BR space. It features "a private vestibule, formal powder room off entry with pedestal sink," which sounds super-fancy. If amenities and location are what the Michaels are looking for, this might be the spot, but again we ask...where will the table go?

We'll find out tonight on House Hunters. Check local listings for HGTV.