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SoDo Arena Architects Release New Designs, Add Some Color

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Seattle released the early design ideas for Chris Hansen's SoDo sports arena back on November 30th and the reaction was, well, underwhelming. 360 Architects have responded by making an addendum to those designs, mostly by adding a big, heaping splash of color.

The new images take the three initial designs and really make them pop, showcasing an orange-rust color facade that will stand out and give detractors the interesting addition to the Seattle skyline they were looking for.

One of the arena's architects referred to the new facade as "The Icon." Well la di da.

360 Architecture's designs were reviewed by the Downtown Design Review Board Tuesday night.

So, do the changes and updates do anything to change your mind about the 18,000- to 20,000-seat arena? Or are you still waiting to be wowed?

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