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Seattle Neighborhoods Getting Ultra High-Speed Broadband Project

Seattle has the need. The need for Internet speed. And that need will be met thanks to a new ultra high-speed fiber network that will run across the entire city, Mayor McGinn announced Thursday.

Gigabit Squared and the University of Washington are teaming up to bring fiber connections into homes and businesses in 12 Seattle neighborhoods, gigabit broadband wireless connections to Seattle multifamily housing & offices, and next-gen mobile wireless internet.

The 12 initial neighborhoods that will receive the gigabit network connections are the University of Washington's West Campus District, South Lake Union, First Hill/Capitol Hill/Central Area, the University of Washington's Metropolitan Tract in downtown Seattle, the University of Washington's Family Housing at Sand Point, Northgate, Volunteer Park Area, Beacon Hill and SODO Light Rail Station and an area consisting of Mount Baker, Columbia City, Othello, and Rainier Beach.

Connections will be made to only 8-12% of the homes - roughly 500 to 1,200 homes, to begin with, and grow from there.

The project might begin by next fall. The best part for Seattle is that no city money is going into the project, which will be funded by money raised by Gigabit.

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