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Church of Scientology Opens Up Shop In Queen Anne

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What's with all of the churches on the move? First we learned that Mars Hill was leaving their Belltown post for cushier digs. Now it's the Church of Scientology, which left their 8,500-square-foot building on Aurora Avenue North for a 34,000-square-foot building at 300 W. Harrison St. It took seven years and $14 million in renovations but the new home was finished and moved into last month.

According to the Seattle Times, the Church of Scientology is making a big push to grow worldwide, not just here in Seattle:

The expansion of Scientology's presence in Seattle is part of a building push worldwide. Last year, the church opened new or renovated buildings in cities including Rome; Dallas; Washington, D.C.; Nashville; and Malmo, Sweden. About a dozen new churches have opened or are scheduled for completion this year. Roughly 1,600 people attended the grand opening of the new Queen Anne church. So controversies and criticisms aside, it looks like Scientology is here to stay in Seattle. I guess that means their bus and billboard ads are staying, too.
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