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Go See The Hobbit, Then See Bainbridge Island's Hobbit House

[Facebook/Christ Whited]

The Hobbit arrives in Seattle-area movie theaters this weekend, leaving many local moviegoers with the desire to step inside the world of Bilbo Baggins. If they give Bainbridge Island's Chris Whited another year, they'll be able to. Whited is currently building his very own Hobbit House.

Whited has taken an old hen house and started converting it into a 1,200-square-foot playhouse. From there, the building slowly began to take on some very Hobbit-ish features thanks to its sloping walls and quirky window placements.

Whited hopes to finish his Hobbit house by summer. No word on whether or not he'll take Peter Jackson's lead and split it unnecessarily into three smaller houses.

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