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City Unveils South Lake Union Rezoning Images, Underplays Effect

Thursday, Mayor McGinn outlined his proposal to allow for the rezoning of South Lake Union. Under his proposal, building heights would increase from a maximum of 125 feet to between 240 and 400 feet, depending on area. This change could result in the addition of 12,000 residential units, including the three residential towers that Vulcan wants to build across the street from Lake Union's south shore.

As part of the rezoning. Vulcan would allow the city use of 37,600 square feet of undeveloped land on the block of land in between Broad and Republican streets and Dexter and Aurora avenues for low-income housing and other affordable services.

At the meeting, various images of what a rezoned South Lake Union might look like were unveiled, including one of a 240-foot-tall building near the Space Needle, redefining the skyline. Sneakily not included was a drawing of what a 400-foot-tall building might look like down the road from the 604-foot Seattle icon. The city is tasked with showcasing that drawing at a later date.

Some of the caveats worked into the proposal include limiting each block to one tower and limiting podium heights on certain streets.

Along with Vulcan, the folks at Touchstone and Skanska are eagerly awaiting word of approval on the rezone so that they can move forward with plans to build their 400 Fairview with new zoning laws in mind.

See the proposal for yourself here (PDF). The council will continue to review the proposal in January and may put it to a vote at some point during the first quarter.

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