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Workers Of First Hill Unite & Buy This Fixer-Upper

Workers, builders and fixer-uppers of Seattle, UNITE. You have nothing to lose but your deposit. This 4-BR, built in 1900, is calling out to you, comrade. Heed the message of the communist propaganda poster inside and rise up to claim what is rightfully yours. Namely, this duplex located on a generously-sized 3,600 square-foot lot with LR1 zoning.

BLOOD ALONE MOVES THE WHEELS OF HISTORY and mixed with some sweat and muscle, you can bring this sleeping giant back to its former glory as either a single-famly home or two, separate units. Maybe even consider buying it with someone else, for it is together we prevail, comrade.

We must never acquiesce! Unless, you know, the closing costs are a bit too much. Then we might have to acquiesce.
· 725 17th Ave [Estately]