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Is That A Christmas Tree Sticking Out Of Your Home Or Are You Just Happy To See Us?

They say, "Buy the Christmas Tree you want, not the one that fits inside your home." Okay, nobody says that, except maybe Magnolia's Patrick Kruger, who got creative when he brought home a Christmas Tree taller than his living room ceiling.

Kruger told KING5 that he cut the tree into two parts and affixed the top part to the roof just above the rest of the tree in order to create the illusion.

"I built the prop using a quarter sheet of plywood, sheathing and spare roofing tile," said Kruger. "I then bought a 14-foot tree and cut the top 6 feet off and mounted it to the prop. The first attempt was blown off the roof, so I bolted it down with the help of my buddy, Scott Douglas."

Impressive, but now all we want to see is someone do the same thing with a gigantic menorah.

· Christmas tree breaks through roof of man's house, but not really [KING5]
[Photos: Patrick Kruger]