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This Bainbridge Island Farmhouse Will Make You A Belieber

If you're in the market for a 3-BR-home, there's a decent chance at least one of those bedrooms is going to belong to a child. And like we always say, real estate listings need to give us a sense of feeling lived-in if we're going to feel an attraction. So we say, if you've got a bedroom with a wall dedicated to Justin Bieber, well then you need to show off that wall dedicated to Justin Bieber.

There more this 1900 farmhouse than pop idol love. Situated on 2.8 acres of rolling land, it also features a rock fireplace, fir floors and actual exposed brick walls. Don't worry, the kitchen is remodeled, so when your teenager's friends come back home after Bieber's next Tacoma Dome concert, they'll have lots of space to eat their pizza rolls, or whatever it is kids eat these days.
· 8366 NE Wardwell St, Bainbridge Island [Estately]