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Pike Place Market Waterfront Connection Moving Closer To Approval

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As we prepare for the Alaskan Way Viaduct to shuffle loose its mortal coil in advance of the Seattle tunnel (or whatever we're calling it), the space left behind is going to create a lot of opportunities. The usual suspects, condo developers and mixed-used buildings, will swoop in. However, the change is also presenting Pike Place Market with a fantastic opportunity to link itself to the Seattle Waterfront. It's an opportunity that's moving forward under the name PC1 North.

PC1 North is 0.75 acre infill site between the market and the waterfront that would serve as easy access for pedestrians between the two. Miller Hull Partnership is designing the project, which includes a sloping walkway surrounded by green, providing gorgeous Puget Sound views all the way down.

The expansion could also mean more room at the market for booths and sellers as well as increased parking space & access.

The PDA Council approved the 2013 PDA budget at their November 29th meeting, which includes the development of concepts for PC-1 N. Some of the outstanding concerns about the designs include the possibility of adding more green space, adding public art and widening the walkways in key spots.

The council will meet again on Thursday, December 20th to share schematic designs, design development, and contract documents and consider a resolution approving the project.

Now go enjoy looking at all those design mock-ups with the awkwardly-placed tourists pointing and gawking as they walk through the new and improved Pike Place Market. Just like they do now, we suppose.

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