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Whidbey Island 4-BR On Fiscal Cliff Worth Investing In

If we go off the fiscal cliff, it could have a huge impact on the housing market. So we say invest in a fiscal cliff of your own, namely this 4-BR Whidbey Island home on the edge of a cliff overlooking Puget Sound. Down a cool $1M from it's original asking price (now $1.775M), it might be the perfect time.

Those four bedrooms home break down into two master bedrooms, a charming bedroom suite and a custom cottage for guests.

The fiscal cliff in question is a 220-foot waterfront bluff overlooking the Sound, Camano Island and Mt. Baker. And you can see it all from the 6.5 private acres of land that lead up to the edge. Not to mention from that really cool casual viewing room overlooking the water.

Included on the land are various trees, a wildflower meadow, a pond and an orchard. So if the actual fiscal cliff wipes out the rest of your money, you can just become self-sufficient. In theory.

· 5081 Saratoga Rd, Langley [Zillow]