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Ride Out The Apocalypse In This Industrial West Seattle Home

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No matter what happens when the clock turns 12:00 a.m. tonight, you're going to feel a whole lot better about the impending apocalypse if you're comfortable, cozy and safe from dystopian nightmare world marauders. You'll find all of that and more inside this 4,000 square foot West Seattle residence.

Sure, this elegant Lawrence Architecture home offers an outdoor entertaining space, fireplaces and breathe-taking views of the Sound. The 925 square-foot garage with livable space above it makes for a nice bonus as well.

But let's get real here, how is it going to help you survive the end of days? That's where the pivoting steel doors, cantilevered components, and a solid concrete wall come in handy. No one's getting that steel door, we don't care how much gamma radiation they've been exposed to.

Seriously though, that is one badass staircase.

· Industrial West Seattle Home by Lawrence Architects [Inthralld]