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Lot Purchased For Denny Triangle Hotel & Office Project

Touchstone Corp. might not be on the level of Vulcan in Seattle but they're certainly attempting to make their mark around town. This week they purchased two parcels of land in Denny Triable for almost $13.4 million according to PSBJ. The purchase gives Touchstone ownership of almost every parcel on the west side of Boren Avenue between Howell and Stewart, the site of their upcoming office and hotel project.

The project was originally called Boren One, which was changed to Edison in September but has since become known as Hill7. Who knows what it will be by the time it gets here.

The project will include an 11-story office building with 300K square feet of space as well as a 14-story Hilton Garden hotel. There will also be some retail space and underground parking.

There is currently no construction date set for the project.

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