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You Probably Don't Want To Rent From This Seattle Landlord For A While

Clyde Yancey would like you to know he is not a slumlord. That's comforting knowledge considering the Seattle Times' recent article that says he owes $1.76 million in health and safety violation judgments connected to two Seattle properties he owns.

Yancey also tells the Times he owes over $23,000 in back property taxes and is behind on multiple mortgages. So, you know, keep that in mind if you're looking for a new place in the Central District area.

Yancey owns six properties in Seattle, including a 5-BR property at 218 15th Avenue, though most of them are boarded up and in disrepair. His properties have received 39 citations or notices or violations from the Seattle attorney's office for anything from lack of water for tenants to broken chimneys to door locks that didn't actually lock.

Yancey currently plans to sell one of the properties in order to raise money to refurbish two others, which he then plans to rent out. Even if he's able to do that before the city steps in, it'll be a wonder if he can get anyone to rent from him.
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