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Sheraton Seattle Gingerbread Village Presents "Once Upon A Time"

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For the 20th-straight holiday season, dozens of tiny homes have been built in the Sheraton Seattle. In theory, that sounds weird. But not when you realize it's Gingerbread Village. Each year, Seattle area architecture firms collaborate with Sheraton Seattle to create custom designs which are then baked and built into awe-inspiring gingerbread displays.

The village benefits JDRF Northwest Chapter, which is committed to funding the world's best research to cure type 1 diabetes and its complications. Donations are collected at the village or can be made online or via text.

The theme for this year's Gingerbread Village "Once Upon A Time," so you better believe there's a whole lot princessing going on. Actually, just about every gingerbread house ended up with a Disney-esque theme.

Check out the photos of Gingerbread Village 2012 above, courtesy of Tom Wright, and then head down to the Sheraton to see these incredible collections for yourself. The village is open until January 1, 2013.