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Curbed Seattle's Ten Most Popular Posts Of 2012

We're almost done with 2012 and as we look forward, we also take a little time to look back on the year that was. Here at Curbed, some stories stuck out more than others and we want to draw attention once more to the posts that captured your attention. Not surprisingly, it's the stories about Seattle-based celebs and Seattle-based mansions that seemed to pique your interest most...

1. Star-Studded in the Northwest -- Seattle Celebrity Heatmap
2. Beast Mode's Beast Mansion: Marshawn Lynch's $3.6M Home
3. Take A Peek Inside The Top Chef Seattle Penthouse Suite
4. Where to Live if You're a Hipster in the Pacific Northwest
5. Coming to Capitol Hill
6. Score Alice in Chains' Sean Kinney's House in Burien for Under $1.25m
7. Behind The Article: Chris Pardo
8. Rare Northwest Frank Lloyd Wright Home for Sale
9. Mercer Island Mega-Mansion Finally Sells For $13.2 Million
10. What $1,500/Month Can Rent You Around Seattle

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