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The Two Towers: Touchstone Plans South Lake Union Project

How many towers can South Lake Union have? We're probably going to find out. As soon as the planned rezoning of SLU happens, you can add Touchstone Corp. to the list of companies planning to build towers that stretch to the new height limits.

With Vulcan already planning to build three 24-story towers on the south shore of Lake Union and Skanska planning the 400 Fairview tower, now Touchstone has applied for a master-use permit to build an 800,000-square-foot project called The Troy Laundry Block that will includes a 12-story building and a 13-story building.

We're guessing this massive architectural project isn't actually being named after a Swamp Person, but then again, maybe they're big fans.

The complex would rest between Boren and Fairview Avenues and Harrison and Thomas streets. Between the two buildings would be a courtyard pedestrians can walk through. Inside the buildings would be offices and 4,000 square feet of street retail.

There don't seem to be any plans to begin construction yet but the planner wanted to be ready if and when the rezoning laws change to allow for these towers. All signs point to the change so odds are good you can add two more monoliths to the South Lake Union skyline sooner or later.

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